Every Step…

Every step I take, every move I make. Every single day, every time I pray. I’ll be missing you. Thinkin’ of the day when you went away. Wish I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time!

I’ll Be Missing You


My Mistress Sleeps

Recently put my #Mistress 2 bed 4 a while. Longest relationship I hv evr had. 😉

All the better to see you…

University is back in. Frosh week happening. Happenings of last week and last few nights showed me that refocusing and enhanced clarity was needed. Go ahead, feel free to pass out on my front lawn now… Pics with porch lights off and on. 

Oops of the day.

My OOPS for today is realizing that I should have did some laundry but didn’t. Now, the question becomes Speedo or Commando under Big Boy Business Man pants? 

Space Cowboy

I have been called Nuts, Crazy, Screwed Up, Idiot and other words starting with an A or F but I am thinking I wouldn’t mind being called a Space Cowboy just to take pictures like this. Now that would be a trip!

Shopping Cart Driver Training

On my way back from Doc appointment this morning and I stopped at Sobeys to pick up the needed steak, lobster and fixins’ for my BBQ Surf & Turf dinner tonight before heading back home. Have been looking forward to it since the craving hit earlier in the week. It’s still fairly early in the morning, I’m in the store with maybe 10 others and while checking out the lobster tails I get hit by a shopping cart. “Oh, I’m sorry”, she says but then hits me again. No sorry this time but quickly rushes away. Have to say that it is not the little cut and wee bit of blood that bothers me but the knee is completely whacked out of place again. Back to the Doc I go again. I vote for mandatory shopping cart driver training programs!

Standing out from the crowd

My trailer is back and its graphics are done. Day or night,will stand out now with its reflective graphics. Graphics + Proven Locks hitch and door locks + Brahma wheel lock + GPS tracking + 5000# winch + solar power and charging = Trailer Done and ready to hold my big boy toy…or a king size bed. Whatever the excursion and excitement…it’s ready! Special shoutout to SpeedPro Imaging in Guelph for the design and install of the graphics. Great job all around by everyone!